RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Stanley Parkinson
1885 – 1953

No 18796 Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Parkinson Sykes

MB ChB (Liverp 1909) DOMS (1922)

8 Dec 1885 [Bromley Kent] – 30 Oct 1953

S P Sykes
Lt Stanley Parkinson Sykes
RAMC Aldershot December 1911

Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Parkinson Sykes graduated MB ChB from the University of Liverpool in 1909. In July 1911, he was successful in the examination held in London for commissions in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Forty four candidates competed; twenty were selected. Dr Basil Hamilton Hebden Neven-Spence MB ChB (Ed) of Edinburgh University obtained the highest mark of 622.5; the lowest was 516, scored by Dr William Stewart MB ChB (Ed) of Edinburgh University. Dr S P Sykes came 11th with 544 marks.

Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Parkinson Sykes was commissioned Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps on 28 July 1911. In 1919, he served in Afghanistan on the North West Frontier (medal with clasp). In 1922 he became a Specialist in Ophthalmology, having passed the Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery (DOMS).

Service Record

28 July 1911 Appointed Lieutenant RAMC on probation. Posted to Woolwich in February 1912.

May 1913 Change of Station from Woolwich to Kingston upon Thames.

June 1913 Change of Station from Kingston upon Thames to Woolwich.

Sep 1913 Appointed to India.

Nov 1913 Change of Station from Woolwich to Rawalpindi.

Feb 1914 Change of Station from Rawalpindi to Jutogh.

June 1914 Change of Station from Jutogh to Khyra Gali.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.
4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

28 Jan 1915 Promoted Captain RAMC.

1919 Served in Afghanistan on the North West Frontier of British India.

17 June 1919–21 Apr 1920 Granted the Acting rank of Lt Col whilst in command of 3 Combined Field Ambulance.

28 July 1923 Promoted Major RAMC.

24 Oct 1923 Arrived from England.

1924 On garrison duty.

1925 On garrison duty.

Oct 1926 Passed his examinations for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

17 Sep 1927 Home leave.

12 Jan 1928 Returned from leave.

28 Dec 1928 Returned to England.

1929–1931 Specialist in ophthalmology Royal Herbert Hospital Woolwich.

1931–1932 Commanding Officer the Citadel Military Hospital Cairo.

1932–1934 BMH Military Hospital Khartoum.

1 May 1934 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

9 Oct 1935–30 Nov 1936 Served with No 3 General Hospital in Egypt.

27 Jan 1936 Arrived in England from Egypt.

1937–1939 Military Hospital Tidworth.

31 July 1937 At Andover Parish Church, marriage of Arthur Garland, youngest son of Dr and Mrs A Garland of Capel St Mary, Ipswich, to Phyllis Marie Sykes, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel S P Sykes RAMC.

1939 Royal Victoria Hospital Netley.

1939–1940 Officer in Charge Medical Division No 1 General Hospital, British Expeditionary Force in France.

8 Dec 1940 Retired but remained employed.

1940 Commanding Officer 11 Ambulance Train.

8 Sep 1941 Re-employed. Reverted to the rank of Major at his own request whilst employed during the present emergency.

12 Dec 1944 Reverted to retired pay on ceasing to be employed and was restored the rank of Lt Colonel.