RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry Maxwell
1858 – 1919

Surgeon Major Henry Maxwell Sloggett


21 July 1858 [Simla Bengal India] – 4 Dec 1919 [Bournemouth]

Surgeon-Major Henry Maxwell Sloggett was the son of the Rev Charles Sloggett. He was educated at Malvern and King's College, London and joined the Army Medical Services in 1883.

Service Record

Cottonera Hospital
The Cottonera Hospital was built in 1873 near Zabbar Gate, and contained four infirmaries of 32 beds. It was the main hospital and HQ of the RAMC in Malta until 1920, when Mtarfa Military Hospital opened.

2 Feb 1884 Surgeon-Captain.

1886–1892 Served in India. In June, 1889, he was out in Cholera Camp near Rawal Pindi with a wing of the King's Dragoon Guards. During this very severe epidemic he exhibited the greatest devotion to his duties. Both officers and men held him in the highest esteem for the care and attention he gave them, and his constant efforts to cheer one up under exceptionally trying circumstances.

1891 Served on the Expedition to Meranzai, North West Frontier British India, in in charge of a Section of a field hospital.

2 Feb 1896 Promoted to Surgeon-Major, having completed 12 years on full-pay in the rank of Surgeon-Captain.

1896 Married Louisa Monica Coulthurst of Southsea, Hampshire, daughter of N Coulthurst Esq. of Gargrave, Yorkshire.

1897 Returned to India as a Major in 1897. He served at Kamptee and Quetta, being invalided from the latter station in 1900 owing to ill-health.

1901 Served at Shorncliff and Dover, and went to Malta in 1903 as a Lieutenant-Colonel.

Malta 5 Nov 1903 Arrived from Dover.

Officer in Charge of Station Hospital and Female Sanatorium Citta Vecchia.

1904 Officer in charge Military Hospital Cottonera.

2 Feb 1904 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1905 On duty at the Military Hospital Cottonera.

2 June 1905 Home leave, after falling ill with Malta Fever.

19 Aug 1905 Returned to Malta.

1906 Officer in charge Military Hospital Cottonera.

May 1906 On Leave.

July 1906 Officer in charge Military Hospital Cottonera.

Nov 1906 Sick leave due to relapse of Mediterranean Fever.

Mar 1907 Returned to Malta having recovered from a severe attack of Malta Fever which he contracted at Cottonera.

June 1907 Officer in charge Military Hospital Cottonera.

Jan 1908 Officer in charge Military Hospital Valletta.

3 Sep 1908 Left for Hounslow England.

1908–1911 Served at Aldershot in charge of the Connaught Hospital.

22 Sep 1911 Returned to Malta from Aldershot, and took command of 30th Coy RAMC, and charge of the Military Hospital Cottonera from Lt Col Russell Alexander Fraser.

1912 Officer in charge Cottonera Military Hospital, and Officer Commanding 30th Coy RAMC.

30 Aug 1912 On Leave.

16 Oct 1912 Returned to Malta.

Mar 1913 Transferred to the Home Establishment and was posted to Belfast. He was succeeded by Lt Col Lavie Tudor Germain as Officer Commanding 30 Coy RAMC and Officer in charge Military Hospital Cottonera.

27 Mar 1913 Colonel L/RAMC.

7 Apr 1913 Arrived in England. Appointed Assistant Director of Medical Services Belfast.

1914 On the outbreak of war he took charge of the Central Force at Bedford.

Jan 1915 In January 1915, Col Sloggett was ordered to France, but a Medical Board would not permit his serving overseas. He was Assistant Director of Medical Services, Southern Army, till 26 December 1917, when he was placed on retired pay.