RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Arthur De Courcy
1860 – 1937

Major Arthur De Courcy Scanlan CMG

9 Dec 1860 [Bristol] – 21 Feb 1937

Service Record

1878–1879 Medical Education at Westminster Hospital. Won a prize during the 1878–1879 session.

4 May 1882 Passed his Primary Professional Examination at Apothecaries Hall.

31 Jan 1885 Appointed Surgeon from surgeon on probation.

11 Mar 1896 Reduced to half-pay.

4 Jan 1897 Restored to full-pay.

31 Jan 1897 Surgeon Major.

6 Dec 1898 Arrived at Malta.

1 Sep 1898 Embarked for Egypt.

20 Sep 1898 Returned to Malta.

a 16 June 1899 To England on sick leave.

30 Oct 1899 Returned to Malta.

1900 On garrison duty.

Malta 11 May 1901 To England on duty.

25 May 1901 Returned to Malta.

28 July 1902 To England on leave.

4 Oct 1902 Returned to Malta.

24 June 1903 Returned to Aldershot England.

Aug 1903 Passed his examinations for promotion to Lt Col. Passed in the following subjects: Army Medical Organisation, Sanitation and Epidemiology, the Special Subject, and Military Law.

3 Oct 1904 Attended the annual dinner of past and present students of the Westminster Hospital. The loyal toast was responded to by Major de Courcy Scanlan, who referred to the cordial welcome always extended by members of the staff to old students returning in after-years to the wards of the hospital for clinical refreshment.

31 Jan 1905 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

6 Sept 1905 Retired.

1905–1906 Employed at Dorchester while on retired pay.

1906–1908 Employed at Woking while on retired pay.

Aug 1909 Employed at Guildford while on retired pay vice Lt Col William Mawer James.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

24 Sep 1915 Employed at Malta while on retired pay. Together with Lt Col J C Robertson CMG CIE IMS, Consulting Sanitary Officer for Malta, prepared an extensive plan for the expansion of the hospitals for the reception of malaria patients from Salonica.

1916 Employed at Malta.

13 Oct 1917 Employed at Malta.

1 Jan 1918 Appointed Member of the Third Class, or Companion, of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George in recognition of his valuable services in connection with the War.