Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Russell Michael William

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Colonel Michael William Russell KCMG (1918) CB (1916)
23 June 1860 [Bawtry York] – 6 Dec 1949

Service Record — Michael William Russell

31 Jan 1885 Appointed Surgeon from Surgeon on probation.

1885–1886 Served in the Sudan.

1890 Served on the Zhob Valley Expedition.

31 Jan 1897 Surgeon-Major.

11 Oct 1899–31 May 1902 Boer War.

1899–1902 Served in South Africa as Officer Commanding No 3 Hospital Train, which was staffed from No 3 Stationary Hospital and evacuated the wounded from Battle of Modder River, (28 Nov 1899), to Cape Town.1

1 Apr 1903–31 Mar 1908 Deputy Assistant Director General.

31 Jan 1905 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1909 Principal Medical Officer Eastern Command.

19 Apr 1910–Dec 1914 Instructor Staff College Camberley.

1 Jan 1914 Replaced by Lieutenant-Colonel D.D. Shanan as Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services Eastern Command.

14 Jan 1914 Promoted Colonel L/RAMC, vice Colonel Robert Porter MB, who on completion of four years service in his rank was placed on half-pay.

Malta 24 Jan 1914 Embarked from London for Malta.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

Malta 24 Jan 1914–14 Sept 1914 Deputy Director Medical Services (DDMS) Malta.

Malta 14 Sept 1914 Returned to England.
Appointed Deputy Director-General and temporary Surgeon-General, vice Surgeon-General W.G. Macpherson CMG. The duties of DDMS devolved on to Lt Col Richard Reginald Sleman RAMC (TF) who had arrived in Malta in command of 1st City of London Field Ambulance. At the onset of the Great War, Regular RAMC officers were withdrawn from Malta and replaced by four Territorial Force RAMC officers, and 193 other ranks of the 1st City of London Field Ambulance (TF).

15 Oct 1914 Temporary Surgeon General.


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