RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
L Rosenmann
? – ?

279058 Lieutenant L Rosenmann


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Service Record

1 June 1943 Arrived for duty with No 30 Coy RAMC.

6 June 1943 Posted to 15th Independent Brigade Group Field Ambulance from No 30 Coy RAMC.

9 July Attached to 161st (EA) Ind Bde Gp Fld Amb.

8 Aug Moved to Reception Station BUSH Hamrun which had been set up in the premises vacated by No 161st (EA) Independent Brigade Group Field Ambulance. The Reception Station consisted of cattle sheds around a central courtyard, which had been adapted for use as wards and administrative offices, QM stores, kitchen, day rooms and canteen. From 8 August 1943, 15th Independent Brigade Group Field Ambulance covered the whole of Malta.

20 Oct 1943 WS/Lt taken on the strength of 30 Coy RAMC.
Posted surplus to War Establishment for area duties under SMO Malta.

1944 Surplus to War Establishment. General Duties Medical Officer under SMO Malta.

14 Sep 1944 Posted to Base Depôt Middle East Force (MEF).