RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Egerton Rea
1895 – 1973

Lieutenant Colonel John Egerton Rea

MB ChB BAO (Belf 1918)

3 June 1895 – 18 Dec 1973

Lieutenant Colonel John Egerton Rea received his medical education at Queens University Belfast. He was commissioned Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps in October 1918. He saw service in France, Mesopotamia, Egypt and on the Rhine, and between the wars served in India.

During the Second World War Lieutenant Colonel John Egerton Rea served with the Middle East Force, in North Africa and North West Europe. He was present during the Iraq Rebellion in 1919–1920 and took part in the Wazaristan Campaign on the North West Frontier of India in 1937–1938. He commanded the British Military Hospital Mtarfa prior to his retirement in September 1950.

Service Record

Mtarfa Hospital
Mtarfa Military Hospital. The foundation stone was laid on 6 January 1915 by General Sir Leslie Rundle Governor and Commander-in-Chief Malta. It opened on 29 June 1920 with accommodation for six officers and 190 other ranks, but in 1927 had beds equipped for only six officers and 119 men.

9 July 1915–6 Sep 1916 Temporary Lieutenant RAMC.

7 Sep 1916–21 Dec 1916 Captain RAMC.

22 Dec 1916 Relinquished his commission.

3 Oct 1918–31 July 1919. Temporary Lieutenant J E Rea was appointed Lieutenant but was not to reckon for pay or allowances prior to 1 August 1919.

1918–1919 Served in France.

1 Aug 1919 Granted a Permanent Regular Army Commission Lieutenant RAMC antedated to 3 October 1918.

3 Oct 1919–2 Apr 1922 Appointed a Temporary Captain RAMC. Served in Mesopotamia.

3 May 1922 Lieutenant (Temporary Captain) J E Rea was promoted Captain RAMC.

1922–1923 Served in Egypt and Constantinople.

1923–1926 Served with the British Army of the Rhine.

1926–1932 Served in India.

24 July 1927 Birth of a son at the Military Families Hospital Poona to Nora Rea wife of Captain John Egerton Rea.

26 Nov 1930 Promoted Major RAMC.

1 Feb 1933–31 Jan 1936 Appointed Divisional Adjutant, 43rd (Wessex) Division vice Major Gerald Gordon Drummond RAMC.

20 July 1936–1939 Served in India.

1940–1942 Commanding Officer 204 Field Ambulance.

2 Apr–1 July 1940 Acting Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

2 July 1940 Temporary Lieutenant Colonel.

16 May 1942 Acting Colonel L/RAMC.

16 Nov 1942 War Substantive Lieutenant Colonel L/RAMC.

16 Nov 1942 Temporary Colonel L/RAMC.

1942–1943 Served with the Middle East Force/Persia Iraq Force and Central Mediterranean Force as Commanding Officer No 66 General Hospital.

Apr–Nov 1944 Senior Medical Officer Chilwell.

Nov–Dec 1944 SOI CA Pool.

1944–1946 Deputy Controller Public Health Section HQ Military Government Westphalen Region

1 Aug 1945 Major (War Substantive Lt Col) J E Rea was promoted Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

Dec 1946–Jan 1947 Commanding Officer No 29 (Hannover) British Military Hospital.

Jan–Dec 1947 Commanding Officer No 121 (Brunswick) British Military Hospital.

5 May 1947 Commanding Officer No 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

1948 Commanding Officer No 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

1949 Commanding Officer Military Hospital Mtarfa.

8 May 1949 Proceeded to UK on escort duty and on leave. During his absence, Lt Col Walter Felix Luke Fava RAMC assumed command of the unit.

27 June 1949 Returned from leave and resumed command of BMH Mtarfa.

22 Aug–19 Oct 1949 Detached on temporary duty to HQ Malta Garrison as DDMS.

25 May 1950 Returned to England. He was succeeded as CO British Military Hospital Mtarfa by Lt Col Horace Claude Benson from the Depôt.

Lieutenant Colonel J E Rea having attained the age for retirement was retained on the Active List, supernumerary to establishment. Took up an appointment in the Ascension Islands.

2 Sept 1950 Retired on retired pay with the Honorary rank of Colonel L/RAMC.

18 Dec 1973 Died at the age of 78 years.