Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Raynes D M

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119921 Lieutenant D M Raynes

Service Record — D M Raynes

Malta 17 Apr 1940 Attached to KOMR. Officer-in-charge Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) Mellieha Sector. On 15 May 1940, Lt A E W Bernstein RAMC took over as Officer in medical charge Troops Mellieha Sector.

15 May 1940 Handed over medical charge of troops Mellieha Sector to Lt George Gillis Hyman Bernstein.

27 May 1940 Lt D M Raynes took over the medical charge of ADS Mgarr from Lt J C Lees RAMC who was posted to General hospital Mtarfa. Sanitary and medical inspections were carried out and the facilities for collecting patients and treatment at the ADS improved. Staff accommodation was extended.

9 June 1940 Carried out a sanitary inspection of Ghajn Tuffieha Camp and opened an RAP at the camp. On 26 June, gave evidence at a Court of Enquiry in connection with an accidental injury sustained by an officer of 8th Manchester Regiment.

17 July 1940 Lt D M Raynes exchange with Lt A A Murray and moved to Mtarfa. Lt A A Murray took over the medical charge of ADS Mgarr.

Malta 3 Dec 1940 Posted on duty to Sector Malta East. ADS Tarxien. Took over the area of responsibility of Lt Dismoor who moved from ADS Tarxien to Tigne.

Malta 26 Jan 1941 Promoted War Substantive Captain.

Malta 3 - 10 Feb 1941 Officer/in charge ADS St Andrews, during the absence on leave of Lt John Ross Gallie. ADS St Andrews was also the training centre for courses in First Aid and Stretcher Drill. During Feb 1941, courses were run by Maj Murray Wood, Lt Raynes D M, and Surg-Lt Tabone Vincent RMA.

24 Mar 1941 ADS Wardija opened at Villa Casa St Manduca Wardija and became operational on 24 March 1941. The medical officer in charge was Lt D M Raynes RAMC.

29 Apr 1941 Enemy bombers and fighters approached St Paul's Bay and were engaged by AA. A direct hit set a Ju 88 on fire and it was subsequently attacked by a Hurricane fighter. Four crew baled out by parachute over St Paul's Bay and the Bomber crushed over Ghajn Tuffieha. Captain Raynes went by ambulance to the RAF Seaplane Base at St Paul's Bay and awaited the RAF launch which returned with two German members of the bomber crew. The injured were treated for splinter abrasions of the face. They were then taken by ambulance under escort to C Coy 8 Manchester HQ at St Paul's Bay to await the arrival of their captured mates and to protect them from the ire of the crowd. The POWs were moved to Corradino.

Malta May 1941 Officer/in charge ADS Wardija.

Malta 31 July 1941 Posted to 45 GH from 15 Fld Amb.

Malta 14 Mar 1942 Sick in quarters.

Malta 23 Oct 1942 Invalided to UK with an non united fracture of the right tibia. He was accompanied by his wife and family.


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