RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Gerald Thomas
1865 – 1942

Gerald Thomas Rawnsley

CB (1918) CMG (1916) MRCS LSA (1886)

28 Apr 1865 [Charlton Kent] – 15 Apr 1942 [Malta]

Service Record

Rawnsley G T
Col (ret) Gerald Thomas Rawnsley Knight of Grace of the Order of St John died 15 Apr 1942 (Pembroke Military Cemetery)

27 July 1887 Commissioned Surgeon Army Medical Staff.

9 Feb 1895 Arrived from England.

11 Aug 1895 On sick leave.

1895 –1898 Appointed Adjutant, London Coys., Volunteer Medical Staff Corps.

27 July 1899 Promoted Major RAMC.

6 Mar 1909 Sued the British Medical Association for libel, in respect of an article published in the British Medical Journal of 6 March 1909, headed Medical Men and legacies from patients. The case was tried in the High Court on 24 January where he won damages of £750.

G T Rawnsley
Adjutant Capt Gerald Thomas Rawnsley London Coy Volunteer Medical Staff Corps (RAMC/801/22/1/7).

1911–1915 Deputy Assistant Director Medical Services East Lancashire Division Territorial Force.

22 Jan 1912 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

1914 Served in the Great War as Deputy Director of Medical Services of 12th Army Corps.

1 Mar 1915 Colonel.

6 May 1915 Acting Director Medical Services. He served in Egypt and France, being present at the battle and capture of Loos in 1915. Served in Macedonia as DADMS, ADMS, and DDMS.

3 June 1918 Appointed Member of the Military Division of the Third Class or Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath for valuable services rendered in connection with Military Operations in Salonica.

15 Sep 1919 Placed on half-pay.

15 Nov 1919 Retired.

21 July 1929 Death of his wife Frances Mary Margaret Rawnsley after a long illness at a nursing home in London. Col G T Rawnsley was SMO Guernsey and Alderney District.

14 Feb 1942 His daughter, Barbara Aileen, aged 28 years, married army officer Walter Chambers Sproule aged 36 years, son of James Chambers Sproule.

15 Apr 1942 Died at 45 General Hospital Mtarfa from a coronary thrombosis at 05:30 hours. He was 76 years. He was given a military funeral by the RAMC and was interred in St Andrews Military Cemetery Pembroke on 16 April. He was at one time President, League of Mercy, Guernsey Area. He was appointed Esquire Order of St John in 1898, and created Knight of Grace in 1915.