Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
O'Donnell P

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70801 Captain P O'Donnell RAMC (TA)

Service Record — P O'Donnell

Malta 22 May 1940 Arrived in Malta with 8th/Manchester Regiment. Accompanied the regiment to Ghajn Tuffieha Camp.

24 May 1940 Moved from Ghajn Tuffieha to General Hospital Mtarfa.

10 Sept 1940 Posted to ADS Mgarr for temporary duties involving the medical grading of C Coy D Csoy and HQ Coy 8th/Manchester Regiment in accordance with ACI 373. Returned to Mtarfa on 19 September once this task was completed.

17 Sept 1940 Medically examined the pilot of an Italian aircraft shot down over Mgarr. The pilot was uninjured and was handed over to the escort.

20 Sept 1940 Rejoined General Hospital Mtarfa for duty.

Malta 4 Oct 1940 Reported for duty at ADS Mgarr.

Malta 8 Oct 1940 Captain O'Donnell took over the medical charge of ADS Mgarr (Malta West) from Major John C Buckley who returned to Mtarfa Hospital. During October 1940 there were no battle casualties in the area but an epidemic of Catarrhal Jaundice at Tas Saliba and Ghajn Tuffieha among men of HQ Coy 8th Manchester.

Malta Jan 1941 Officer-in-charge Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) Mgarr. The establishment of the ADS was: 1 RAMC officer, 1 Cpl, 2 Pts, 4 Malta Auxiliary, 1 Stretcher Bearer from 8th Manchester Regiment, 1 NCO RASC and 5 MAC Drivers.


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