Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Murray A A

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111774 WS/Captain (T/Major) A A Murray

Service Record — A A Murray

8 June 1940 Discharged from hospital.

17 July 1940 Posted from Mtarfa as officer in charge ADS Mgarr vice Lieutenant Raynes D M who returned to General Hospital Mtarfa.

Malta 26 Aug 1940 Major John C Buckley took over the medical charge of ADS Mgarr during the absence on three days leave of Lt A A Murray RAMC.

Malta 10 Sept 1940 Handed command of ADS Mgarr to Major Buckley J C, and rejoined General Hospital Mtarfa.

Malta 1941 On garrison duty.

Malta 1942 On garrison duty.

Malta Jan 1943 Surgeon and OC No 11 Field Surgical Unit which was attached to No 90 General Hospital.

Malta 6 July 1943 Ceased to remain OC No 11 Field Surgical Unit and was posted to No 93 General Hospital. Handed over documents and equipment to Captain J E Vaughan Jones OC No 11 Fd Surg Unit designate.


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  • TNA:WO 177/1360, War Diaries No 90 General Hospital April 1940 to September 1946.
  • TNA:WO 177/108. Medical Diaries ADS Mgarr April 1940 to June 1941.