Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Monro David Carmichael

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Major David Carmichael Monro CBE (1943) KHS (1940) MB ChB (Ed 1911) FRCS (Ed 1934)
19 May 1886 [Lucerne Switzerland] – 6 Dec 1960 [Roehampton]

Service Record — David Carmichael Monro

Educated in New Zealand. After leaving Wellington College moved to Edinburgh in 1905 to study medicine. On qualifying, he was house surgeon at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.

1913 Went to New Zealand as a ship's surgeon, but returned to England in August 1914, just before hostilities were declared.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

Aug 1914–1918 Deployed with the British Expeditionary Force in France.
Served as 3rd surgeon at No 1 General Hospital at Le Havre and Etretat, medical officer to 17th Field Ambulance at Armentieres and Ypres, medical officer to the 3rd Battalion the Rifle Brigade, and later surgeon to a mobile surgical team with 44 Casualty Clearing Station.1

17 Aug 1914 Temporary Commission Lieutenant RAMC.

17 Aug 1915 Captain RAMC.

1 Jan 1917 Permanent Regular Army Commission Lieutenant RAMC.

17 Feb 1918 Captain RAMC.

1919–1924 Served in India, first at the King George V Military Hospital, Poona, and then as surgeon to Northern Command at Rawalpindi and Murree (Punjab).
Returned to England after five years in India.

1925 Specialist in Operative Surgery.
Served first at Shorncliffe and at Woolwich and Tidworth once he obtained a special in surgery at the senior course, Royal Army Medical College.

17 Aug 1926 Major RAMC.

1926–1931 Surgical Specialist BMH Rawalpindi and Murree.

1931 Served on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief's Staff at Simla and Delhi, as personal surgeon to the Commander-in-Chief. Returned to England in 1931.

1932–1934 Served at the Queen Alexandra Military Hospital Millbank.

1933–1934 Posted to the Castle, Edinburgh.

1934–1935 Officer in Charge Military Hospital Catterick.

Malta 9 Apr 1935 Arrived from England as a Surgical Specialist.

Malta 7 May 1936 Home leave.

Malta 2 July 1936 Returned to Malta. Took over command of Mtarfa Military Hospital and No 30 Coy RAMC succeeding Lt Col William Pennefather Croker who left Malta in July 1936.

Malta 15 Jan 1937 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.
Commanding Officer Military Hospital Mtarfa.
While at Malta, he captained an army golf side, and with another officer won the Hall and Rundle cups for racing in Fiona, a 14 foot sailing boat. This was no mean achievement considering him and Maj William Moore Cameron were novices in 1936.

Oct 1937 Elected captain of the Royal Malta Golf Club for the second year in succession.

Malta 21 Apr 1938 Returned to England.

1938–1940 Assistant Professor of Military Surgery Royal Army Medical College.

14 Mar 1940–1946 Professor of Military Surgery Royal Army Medical College. Was employed at the War Office revising the surgical equipment for field forces.

1 Jan 1941–Sept 1942 Consultant surgeon, General Head Quarters Middle East Force.

26 Mar 1941 Colonel L/RAMC. Consultant surgeon to the Army.

28 Nov 1941 Major-General L/RAMC.

28 Nov 1945 Retired, but was re-employed with the rank of Brigadier as consultant surgeon to the Middle East Forces in Cairo and Fayid.

1946–1948 Consultant Surgeon GHQ Middle East Land Force.

19 Mar 1948 Awarded the King Haakon VII Liberty Cross, for his role in bringing about the employment of the Advance Mobile Field Surgical Units.

Oct 1948 Retired to his home at Roehampton.


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