RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Richard Graves
1881 – 1926

Major Richard Graves Meredith

LAH (Dubl) MB (RUI)

12 May 1881 [Kensington London] – 6 Dec 1926 [Wiesbaden Germany]

R G Meredith
Lt Richard Graves Meredith
RAMC Aldershot April 1905

Major Richard Graves Meredith was the eldest son of Captain Richard Meredith 6th Foot (Warwickshire Regiment). He was educated at the Catholic University Dublin where he graduated MB ChB BAO in 1904 having taken the LAH in the previous year.

After filling the post of Resident Medical Officer of the Government Lock Hospital Dublin, he entered the Army on 31 January 1905 and was promoted Major on 25 October 1915. During the war of 1914–1919, he served in France and Belgium from July 1916 to November 1918. He died in Wiesbaden Germany on 6 December 1926.

Service Record

31 Jan 1905 Appointed Lieutenant RAMC on probation. Confirmed in rank in June 1905.

Cottonera Hospital
Cottonera Hospital was built in 1873 near Zabbar Gate, and contained four infirmaries of 32 beds. It was the main hospital and HQ of the RAMC in Malta until 1920, when Mtarfa Military Hospital opened.

Aug 1905 Change of station from Curragh to Dublin.

Feb 1906 Change of station from Dublin to Malta.

10 Feb 1906 Arrived from England.

May 1906 On duty at Fort Chambray Military Hospital Gozo.

July 1906 Officer in charge Cottonera Military Hospital.

Feb 1907 Officer in charge Military Hospital Fort Chambray Gozo.

Fort Chambray
Fort Chambray Gozo built by Bali Jacques Francois de Chambray (1687-1756) in 1749. It was used as a military hospital and a civil mental hospital (1934-1983).

21 Apr 1907 Home leave.

20 July 1907 Returned from leave.

Jan 1908 On duty at Cottonera.

Feb 1908 Under orders for Crete. Left for Crete in April 1908.

31 July 1908 Promoted Captain RAMC.

2 Aug 1909 Home leave.

Nov 1909 Change of station from Crete to Malta.

23 Nov 1909 Returned from leave; on duty at Cottonera.

Sep 1910 On duty at Cottonera.

22 Mar 1911 Home leave and thence to Ceylon.

May 1911 Change of station from Malta to Totley Camp.

Aug 1911 Change of station from Totley Camp to Sheffield.

Feb 1912 Change of station from Sheffield to Pontefract.

Apr 1912 Change of station from Pontefract to Lichfield.

June 1912 Change of station from Lichfield to Castle Ring Camp.

July 1912 Change of station from Castle Ring Camp to Lichfield.

Aug 1912 Change of station from Lichfield to Aberystwyth Camp.

Sept 1912 Change of station from Aberystwyth Camp to Lichfield.

Oct 1912 Change of station from Lichfield to Royal Army Medical College.

July 1913 Change of station from Royal Army Medical College to London District for duty at Queen Alexandra Military Hospital.

Sept 1913 Change of station from London to Ceylon. Served in Ceylon up to 1916.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.
4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

15 Oct 1915 Promoted Major RAMC.

1916–1919 Served in France and Belgium.

30 Aug 1917–21 Jan 1918 Held the rank of Acting Lieutenant Colonel while in command of 110 Field Ambulance.

1921–1925 Served in India.

14 Feb 1926 Placed on half-pay on account of ill health.

19 Apr 1926 Restored to full-pay.
Served with the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR).

6 Dec 1926 Died at Wiesbaden BAOR.