Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
McNally James Valentine

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Lieutenant Colonel James Valentine McNally MB BCh BAO (1914) DPH (Dubl 1928)
16 Feb 1891 [Dublin] – 14 Nov 1966

Service Record — James Valentine McNally

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

1916–1917 Served at Mesopotamia.

1 Sept 1916 Temporary Commission Lieutenant RAMC.

1 Sept 1917 Captain RAMC.

1917–1918 Served in India.

1918–1919 Served in France.

1 June 1920 Permanent Regular Army Commission Captain RAMC.

1920–1923 Served at Mesopotamia.

1924–1925 Served in India.

1926–1927 Served with the British Army of the Rhine.

1 Sept 1928 Major RAMC.

1930–1935 Served in Gibraltar.

1936–1939 Served in India.

15 Jan 1940 Acting Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

Apr–May 1940 Commanding Officer 186 Field Ambulance BEF France.

1941–1942 Commanding Officer 170 Light Field Ambulance.

Malta 21 May 1941 Arrived by air from Egypt as one of the reinforcement medical officers. Served at Malta as part of the Middle East Force.

Malta 1942 Served at Malta as part of the Middle East Force.

Malta 16 Apr 1943 Served at Malta as part of the Middle East Force.

1943–1945 On Trooping Duties.

July–Nov 1945 Medical Staff 203 Military Mission South Africa.

21 Nov 1945 Acting Colonel L/RAMC.

1945–1946 Served in East Africa.

11 Aug 1946 Retired with the rank of Honorary Colonel L/RAMC.


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