RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Thelwall Kindersley
1867 – 1950

Lieutenant Colonel George Thelwall Kindersley Maurice

CMG (1915) CBE MRCS LRCP (1890)

23 Mar 1867 [Marlborough] – 8 Mar 1950 [Marlborough]

George Thelwall Kindersley Maurice was the son of Dr James B. Maurice MD FRCS. He was educated at Marlborough College and St Mary's Hospital, where he qualified as MRCS LRCP in 1890.

At the start of the 1914–1918, war went to France as second in command of a Field Ambulance in the Third Division. He took part in the retreat from Mons. Shortly after the beginning of the campaign, Lt Col Maurice was given command of another ambulance in the same Division. In those days there were no motor ambulances in the British Army, all ambulance transport was horse-drawn. Maurice was a keen lover of horses and field sports and reveled in the care of his teams, a job which many RAMC officers, had for lack of expert knowledge, to delegate to junior officers.

Service Record

July 1893 Appointed Medical Officer for the First District and the Workhouse of the Marlborough Union.

29 July 1895 Second Lieutenant.

29 July 1898 Captain RAMC.

29 Apr 1907 Major RAMC.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

1 Mar 1915 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

Aug 1915 Arrived from England. Worked under Field-Marshal Lord Methuen to built up a hospital service which deserved and attracted widespread appreciation.

July 1916 Left for Macedonia as Director of Medical Services. After the campaign in Peshawar, he served in the Afghan War of 1919.

15 July 1916 Temporary Colonel L/RAMC.

3 June 1917 Brevet Colonel.

8 Mar 1950 Died at 8 Silverless Street Marlborough Wilts, aged 82 years.