Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
MacNeece James Gaussen

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Colonel James Gaussen MacNeece CB (1911) LRCS (Irel) LKQCP (Irel 1877)
27 Feb 1856 [Arboe Co Tyrone]– 13 Dec 1919 [Southsea]


Colonel James Gaussen MacNeece was the son of the Rev James MacNeece MA of Clonfeacle Rectory, Moy, and of Mulnagar Lodge, Dungannon, County Tyrone.

Service Record — James Gaussen MacNeece

4 Aug 1878 Surgeon.

1878–1880 Served in the Afghan War with Lieutenant-General Primrose's Force, during the siege of Kandahar.

Dec 1881 Served with the Bozdar Field Force North West Frontier British India.

Oct 1884 Operations in the Zhob Valley (North West Frontier 1881–1884). Zhob is a valley in Balochistan, Pakistan inhabited by the Pashtun tribes. The Zhob Valley Expedition of 1884 was a punitive expedition against the tribes of the North West Frontier. In 1889 the Zhob Valley fell under the British, who thus controlled the strategic route between the North West Frontier Province and Quetta, the capital of the Balochistan.

4 Aug 1890 Promoted Surgeon-Major, ranking as major, having served twelve years in the rank of surgeon.

4 Aug 1898 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

11 Oct 1899–31 May 1902 Anglo–Boer War.

Jan 1900–Nov 1901 In charge of a General Hospital in South Africa with the temporary rank of colonel. Took part in operations in Natal, (Mar to June 1900), and in the Transvaal (Jan to Nov 1900).

4 June 1905 Colonel.

Malta 8 July 1905 Arrived at Malta vice PMO William Owen Wolseley. Accompanied by Mrs McNeece.

Malta 1906 Principal Medical Officer Malta Command.

Malta 8 Aug 1906 In England on leave.

Malta 20 Oct 1906 Returned to Malta.

Malta 7 Dec 1906 In Crete on an inspection tour.

Malta Jan 1907 Principal Medical Officer Malta Command.

Malta 16 Sep 1907 Home Leave.

Malta 30 Oct 1907 Returned to Malta.

Malta June 1908 In Crete on an inspection.

Malta 3 Aug 1908 Home Leave.

Malta 18 Sept 1908 Returned to Malta.

Malta 28 Dec 1908 Granted relief to the victims of the Messina earthquake.

Malta 27 July 1909 Home Leave.

Malta 19 Sept 1909 Returned to Malta. Appointed a committee of officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps to investigate every febrile case occurring among the troops stationed in Malta and Crete. This committee ascertained that nearly all the three day fevers were due to Sandfly fever, conveyed by the Phlebotomus papatasii, which was a scourge in many parts of the islands during the hot weather when the fever was prevalent.

Malta 10 Apr 1910 Left for India.

23 Apr 1910 Surgeon General.

1910–1912 PMO 8th (Lucknow) Division, India.

19 June 1911 Appointed CB in the Coronation Honours list.

28 July 1911 Invested as Commander of the Order of St Maurice and St Lazarus by the King of Italy in recognition of his services in connection with the Messina earthquake.

1912–1914 Director of Medical Services Southern Command England.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

1914–1918 Served in the Great War.

1915–1916 DMS India.

1918 Retired with rank of Major General.


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