Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Lawson Charles Bunbury

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Captain Charles Bunbury Lawson MB CM (Ed 1889)
3 Aug 1867 [Ballingarry Ireland] – 30 July 1934 [London]

Service Record — Charles Bunbury Lawson

30 Jan 1892 Surgeon-Lieutenant.

30 Jan 1895 Surgeon-Captain.

11 Oct 1899–31 May 1902 Anglo–Boer War.

1899–1900 Served in the war in South Africa, when he took part in the advance on Kimberley.

1903 Pathologist and radiologist to the Royal Herbert Hospital Woolwich. He was also an examiner in surgery, pathology, and radiology to the Army Medical School.

Officer in Charge of Station Hospital Mtarfa.

Malta 26 Oct 1903 Arrived from Woolwich England, as pathologist, radiologist, and surgical specialist. Accompanied by Mrs Lawson.

30 Jan 1904 Major RAMC.

Malta Dec 1904 Transferred from Mtarfa Military Hospital for duty at Valletta Military Hospital.

Malta 1905 On duty at the Valletta Military Hospital, as bacteriologist and anaesthetist.

On 27 June 1905 Major Charles Bunbury Lawson was appointed to the Board of the Lunatic Asylum at Wied Incita, Attard. The Governor had issued an Order making it obligatory for an officer of the RAMC to be present whenever an English patient was to be examined by the Board. The Maltese Medical profession strongly protested at this sleight on their competence, and their dissent reached the House of Commons. The Secretary of State for the Colonies Alfred Lyttelton was asked what action he proposed to take to the outcry of the medical profession. It was suggested to him, that in the interest of aiding the good feeling of His Majesty's loyal Maltese subjects, he would consider the advisability of making Major Lawson a member of the Maltese Lunacy Board rather than a casual supervisor. The Secretary of State replied that it was never at any time intended that Major Lawson should in any sense supervise the medical officers of the Board, or to cast any reflection whatsoever on the manner in which the Board had performed its duties. He, however, had already appointed Major Lawson a regular member of the Board of the Malta Lunatic Asylum. The duties of the Board were to meet once a week at the lunatic asylum, to discharge inmates when cured and to testify to the insanity of those admitted during the preceding week.

Malta Jan 1906 On duty at the Valletta Military Hospital, as bacteriologist and anaesthetist.

Malta Aug 1906 In England on leave.

Malta Jan 1907 Bacteriologist and anaesthetist at Valletta Military Hospital.
Medical Officer to The Duke of Connaught while Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean.

Malta 1908 Bacteriologist and anaesthetist at Valletta Military Hospital.

Malta 25 Oct 1908 Returned to England.

1908–1912 Pathologist, radiologist, and surgical specialist at the Royal Victoria Hospital Netley.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

3 Aug 1914 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1914 Served in the Great War.

18 Feb 1915 Brevet Colonel L/RAMC.

1918–1920 Pathologist, radiologist, and surgical specialist at Colchester.

10 Apr 1920 Retired.

1923–1925 Radiologist, and medical assessor to the Ministry of pensions.


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