Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Kennedy Arthur

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Surgeon Captain Arthur Kennedy
13 July 1863 [Ballygibbon Co Tipperary] – 28 Dec 1936

Service Record — Arthur Kennedy

30 Jan 1886 Surgeon-Captain.

Malta 28 Sept 1895 Arrived from Dublin. On duty at the Valletta Station Hospital, and Officer in medical charge of Floriana District. Resident at 7D Piazza Miratore Floriana.

Malta 22 Apr 1896 Home leave.

Malta Jan 1897 In medical charge Floriana District.

Malta 31 Aug 1897 To England on sick leave.

30 Jan 1898 Surgeon Major.

Malta 26 Aug 1898 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1899 On duty at Malta.

Malta 1900 On duty at Pembroke Barracks and Musketry Camp.

Malta 21 June 1901 Home leave.

Malta 3 Aug 1901 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1 July 1902 Home leave.

Malta 16 Aug 1902 Returned to Malta.

Malta 17 Mar 1903 Left for Dublin.

Malta 30 Jan 1906 Lieutenant Colonel.

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

Malta 16 Aug 1916 Arrived from England.

Malta 29 Sept 1916 Colonel L/RAMC. Commanded St Patrick's Military Hospital, which opened on 15 Aug 1915 with 1000 beds. The casualties from operations in Gallipoli (25 Apr 1915–9 Jan 1916 - The Mediterranean Expeditionary Force), and Salonica (Oct 1915–30 Sept 1918 - The Salonica Expeditionary Force), were initially treated at Malta and Egypt, but in 1917, submarine attacks on hospital ships made it unsafe to evacuate from Salonica, and five General Hospitals, the 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th, mobilised in Malta for service in Salonica.

Malta 25 June 1917 St Patrick's tented hospital, was shut on 27 Apr 1917, and on 25 June 1917, its staff was mobilised as No 61 General Hospital RAMC, with Col A Kennedy as its Commanding Officer.

Malta 2 July 1917 Embarked with 61st General Hospital for duty at Salonica. The hospital staff consisted of 12 Officers, 8 Lady doctors, 38 female nursing staff, 3 Warrant Officers (one of whom was the QM), and 204 Other Ranks.

4 July 1917 HMT Ship Abbassieh sailed out of the Grand Harbour escorted by HMS Aster and HMS Azalea. Both escorts struck mines eleven miles out of Malta, and HMT Ship Abbassieh returned to Malta and anchored at Marsaxlokk Harbour.

6 July 1917 HMT Ship Abbassieh with Nos 61, 62, and 64 General Hospitals sailed out of Marsaxlokk Harbour escorted by two destroyers. The staff were given their first inoculation against cholera.

11 July 1917 HMT Ship Abbassieh arrived at Suda Bay Crete on 9 July, where all the staff were issued with quinine grs X, as prophylaxis against malaria. They arrived at Salonica, (Thessalonika) Harbour, on 11 July 1917. The 28 hospital marquees of 61 General Hospital were set up at Uchantar Convalescent Camp, about 12 km from Salonica and a mile east of the Monastir road.


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