RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Richard Jennings
1856 – 1935

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Jennings

KHS (1911) MD MCh (Ire 1878)

2 Jan 1856 – 30 Apr 1935 [Southsea]

Cottonera staff
Staff of the Cottonera Hospital circa 1908 with the CO Lt Col Richard Jennings seated in centre, Captain Herbert St Maur Carter to his right and Capt John St Aubyn Maughan to his left (RAMC/793/4/6).

Colonel R Jennings entered the Army Medical Department as a surgeon on 5 February 1881. He became Colonel on 31 December 1908.

He served in the South African War (1900–1902), and took part in Operations in Cape Colony, south of Orange River (from February 1900) and Operations in the Transvaal (30 November 1900 to March 1902). He was mentioned in despatches (London Gazette 16 April 1901, and 29 July 1902.)

Colonel R Jennings received the Queen's medal with three clasps and the King's medal with two clasps. He was appointed Honorary Surgeon to the King on 1 April 1911.

Service Record

22 Gen Hosp
Lord H H Kitchener visiting 22 General Hospital Pretoria on 14 June 1902, during the Boer War. Maj H C Thurston, Maj M W Russell, Capt Stevenson, Lt Col R Jennings and Lt (QM) Duncan. (RAMC/2005)

5 Feb 1881 Surgeon-Captain.

Mar 1882 Posted to Madras from Edinburgh.

5 Feb 1893 Promoted Surgeon-Major Army Medical Staff.

1900–1902 Served in South Africa. Took part in operations in Cape Colony and the Transvaal, and was mentioned in despatches.

5 Feb 1901 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

5 Nov 1903 Embarked for Malta.

Cottonera staff
Col R Jennings (far left) with the staff of Cottonera Hospital 1904. (Photos of Col Jennings RAMC 659/1.)

Officer in Charge of Station Hospital Cottonera.

Resident at Officer's Quarters Cottonera.

1904 Officer in charge Military Hospital Valletta.

29 June 1904 To England on sick leave.

22 Dec 1904 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel with increased pay.

26 Sept 1905 Returned to Malta from sick leave. Officer in charge General Hospital Valletta.

Valletta hospital
Patient's Christmas party Barrack Quadrangle General Hospital Valletta, 1906. (Photos of Col Jennings RAMC 659/3.)

Resident at No 5 Piazza Miratore Floriana. Piazza Miratore had panoramic views of the Grand Harbour and the Valletta waterfront and was occupied by senior army and naval officers.

1906 Officer in charge General Hospital Valletta.
Acting PMO during the absence on leave of Col MacNeece.

1907 Officer in charge General Hospital Valletta.

4 Aug 1907 To England on leave.

21 Sep 1907 Returned to Malta.

Plan of Floriana showing Strada Miratore leading to Piazza Miratore.

Malta Jan 1908 Officer in charge Station Hospital Cottonera.

19 Oct 1908 Posted to home Establishment.

31 Dec 1908 Colonel L/RAMC.

May 1911 Appointed Honorary Surgeon to the King, vice Surgeon-General J A Marston CB MD deceased 1st April.

31 Dec 1912 Colonel Richard Jennings MD, Honorary Surgeon to the King, was placed on the half pay list on completion of four years' service in his rank.

2 Jan 1913 Placed on retired pay.

1914–1918 Rejoined for service during the war of 1914–18, and received the CBE.