RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Jeffrey A
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195389 Major Jeffrey A


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Service Record

10 Sep 1941 Reported to No 11 Depôt and Training Establishment RAMC Leeds on the incorporation of No 39 General Hospital.
General Duties Medical Officer 39 GH St Andrews.

23 Oct 1941 Admitted to hospital with a fever; he was discharged from hospital on 8 November.

1 Dec 1941 Attached to 161st (EA) Fd Amb, from 39 General Hospital.

4 Feb 1942 Ceased to be attached to 161st (EA) Fd Amb; returned to 39 GH.

7 May 1942 Attached to 161st (East Anglian) Fd Amb from 39 GH.

3 July 1942 Promoted WS/Captain.

3 Dec 1942 MO/ic Advanced Dressing Station Zejtun. In Dec 1942 Captain J G Hughes of ADS Zabbar fell ill and was reliefed by Captain A Jeffrey from ADS Zejtun. An MO from 15 Fd Ambulance temporary stood in at ADS Zejtun.

12 Mar 1943 Ceased to be attached to 161st (EA) Fd Amb and returned to 39 GH.

20 June 1943 On the strength of No 39 GH. Was operated on for acute appendicitis. Returned to duty from sick leave on 13 July.

25 Aug 1943 Posted to No 45 (UK) GH vice Captain Weinberg S.

30 Jan 1944 Proceeded from No 45 GH to No 15 (S) GH.