RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Hughes J G
? – ?

154413 Lieutenant Hughes J G


? — ?

Service Record

2 Dec 1940 Joined No 161 (East Anglian) Field Ambulance from No XI Depôt RAMC Beckett Park Leeds.

16 Dec 1940 Embarked for Malta with 161 (EA) Fd Amb. The convoy stopped at Gibraltar and proceeded to Malta on 6 January 1941. On 10 January, it was attacked off Malta. No 7348929 Pte K A L Simper RAMC received severe head injuries (GSW), and died the same day. He was buried at sea. The convoy split, part proceeded to Malta; part went to Piraeus.

10 Jan 1941 Disembarked at Malta.

10 Apr 1941 Moved to Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) Luqa from Medical Aid Post (MAP) Tarxien.

20 May 1941 Transferred from ADS Luqa to Main Dressing Station (MDS) Hamrun.

17 Nov 1941 Promoted WS/Captain RAMC with effect from 17 November 1941, (Fortress Order dated 28 January 1942.

Dec 1942 Attached to 161st Fd Amb. Medical officer-in-charge ADS Zabbar. Fell ill in Dec 1942.

9 Nov 1942 MO/ic Medical Aid Post Boom Defence Depôt Marsa (GR 471237 ). While on temporary duty with the MAP Marsa, Captain Thenuwara A S took medical charge of ADS Zabbar.

Dec 1942 MO/ic ADS Zabbar. Fell ill and was reliefed by Captain A Jeffrey from ADS Zejtun.

1943 MO 161st (EA) Fd Amb.