RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Frank Lind Holmes
1893 – 1971

No 1589 Major (A/Colonel) Frank Lind Holmes

OBE (1937) MB ChB (Ed 1918)

2 May 1893 [Barrow-in-Furness] – 8 Feb 1971

Service Record

1914 Temporary Commission while still a medical student in the Edinburgh University Officer Training Corps. Mobilized and served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in the Machine Gun Corps. Served in France and Belgium.

1916 Returned to Edinburgh to complete his medical training and graduated in 1918.

10 Oct 1918 Special Reserve Commission Lieutenant RAMC.

1918–1919 Served at Salonica.

10 Oct 1919 Captain RAMC.

1919–1921 Served in the Black Sea.

1 Aug 1920 Permanent Regular Army Commission Temporary Captain RAMC.

10 Apr 1922 Captain RAMC.

1922–1923 Served at Constantinople.

1927–1930 Served in Shanghai.

10 Oct 1930 Major RAMC.

1933–1939 Served in India.

2 Sep 1939 Acting Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1939–1941 On the outbreak of World War II, he went to France with the British Expeditionary. Officer-in-Charge Medical Division No 3 and No 9 General Hospital BEF France.

1941–1943 Commanding Officer 58 General Hospital Middle East Force.

11 May 1943 Acting Colonel L/RAMC.

11 Nov 1943 T/Colonel RAMC.

22 Nov 1943 Arrived from the Middle East No 8 General Hospital and took over command of 90 GH.

Nov 1943–Mar 1945 Officer-Commanding 90 General Hospital Mtarfa. Officer Commanding No 30 Coy RAMC.

1 Jan 1944 Major (T/Lt Col) Acting Colonel Officer-Commanding 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

6 June 1944 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

July 1945 Appointed Deputy Director of Medical Services (DDMS) Malta vice Col Cuthebert Scales.

9 Mar 1946 Relinquished appointment of A/DDMS and assumed command of 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

15 Apr 1946–4 May 1947 Local Colonel RAMC.

a May 1947 Returned to England.

1947–1949 Commanding Officer 231 Military Prisoner of War Hospital England.

1949–1956 Commanding Officer and Officer-in-Charge of the Medical Division of Catterick Military Hospital.

1 May 1956 Retired with the rank of Honorary Colonel. Appointed president of standing medical boards at Catterick.