RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Birnie Hill
1855 – 1905

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Birnie Hill


20 Apr 1855 [Rogate Sussex] – 7 May 1905 [London]

Service Record

Hill C B
Lt Col Charles Birnie Hill
(Courtesy Julie Green).

6 Mar 1880 Surgeon.

1881 Served on the Mahsud Waziri Expedition.

6 Mar 1892 Promoted Surgeon-Major.

25 Aug 1898 Arrived from Parkhurst, Isle of Wight.

1899 On garrison duty.

Hill C B
Lt Col Charles Birnie Hill. (Netley Military Cemetery)
(Courtesy Julie Green).

1900 On garrison duty.

6 Mar 1900 Promoted Lieutenant Colonel.

1901 On garrison duty.

1902 Keen sportsman. Scored not a few centuries for the Crops cricket team.

Col Hill was selected for higher rate of pay under Article 365 of the Pay Warrant dated 19 Jan 1902.

1903 Acting Principal Medical Officer and Staff Medical Officer in charge of Valletta Station Hospital. In 1903, there was a sharp rise in the number of patients with Mediterranean fever and the resources of the Corps were taxed to the utmost. Capt James Crawford Kennedy RAMC was in no doubt that the increased work and responsibilities of Col Hill's double appointment taxed him too severely, and was sufficient to completely break up a constitution already severely damaged by service in India.

Col Hill was, always exceedingly, almost painfully, conscientious in his work, never spared himself, but took a lion's share of it all, with the result that by the end of the summer he was quite played out. He had been ailing for some time before, but held to his post until Colonel Wolseley William Owen came out to relieve him, when he had to give in to illness from which he never recovered.

Resident at 19 Piazza Miratore Floriana.

17 Jan 1904 Invalided to England.

29 Jan 1905 Placed on half-pay on account of ill health.

7 May 1905 Died at Guy's Hospital London, aged 50 years. He left a spouse and two daughters.