RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Stanley J Hartfall
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129336 Lieutenant Colonel Stanley J Hartfall


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Service Record

1941 Medical officer in charge Medical Division 45 GH. In September 1941. No 45 GH had 180 patients. An inaugural meeting of the Malta Medical Officers Clinical Club was given at St Patrick's General Hospital by the DDMS on 11 September 1941. The aim of the club was for all three services to meet fortnightly, read papers and exchange views on diverse subjects. A discussion on sulphonamides was initiated by Lt Col S Hartfall and Lt Col John Alexander Davidson (No 90 GH).

24 Feb 1942 Temporarily Officer Commanding 45 GH in the absence of the CO on duty as Acting DDMS. In April, an outbreak of diphtheria brought many patients to 45 GH, but these were transferred to the isolation ward at 90 GH Mtarfa.

5 Jan 1943 Admitted to hospital with dysentery.

5 Feb 1943 Posted to MID EAST on temporary duty. In his absence Major Tunbridge Ronald Ernest was posted to No 45 GH.

21 Mar 1943 Returned to No 45 GH from the MIDEAST.

15 Apr 1943 In Middle East by air for conference. Returned to Malta on 30 April.

22 May 1943 Posted from No 45 GH to 64 GH Middle East. The vacancy left in the Medical Division of No 45 GH was filled by Major Tunbridge Ronald Ernest, who arrived from the Middle East on 22 May 1943.