RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Ross Gallie
1914 – 1971

119741 WS/Captain John Ross Gallie

MB ChB DDA (1947) FFA RCS (1953)

3 Jan 1914 – 7 Aug 1971

War Substantive (W/S) Captain John Ross Gallie RAMC was educated at Hamilton Academy and Glasgow University, where he graduated in 1938. He was a member of the Scottish Universities soccer team and gained his university blue for soccer. He held House appointments at the Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow before being commissioned in the Royal Army Medical Corps shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War. Very soon thereafter, he was posted to Malta, where he served for four years, principally with the Royal Irish Fusiliers and 90th and 45th General Hospitals. In Malta during the war he was severely paralysed for many months after an attack of diphtheria.

He developed an interest in anaesthetics, and on demobilisation took the Diploma in Anaesthesia (1947), and was elected Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthesia in 1953. His first senior anaesthetic appointment was at the Victoria Infirmary. In 1950, he joined the staff of the Southern General Hospital and became consultant in charge of the anaesthetic department there in 1967. During much of this time he held a part time appointment at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. He also served on the Board of management for Glasgow South Western Hospitals, for eight years.

W/S Captain John Ross Gallie RAMC retired in June 1971 due to ill health. He died on 7 August 1971, five weeks post retirement, aged 57 years.

Service Record

Map of Medical Units dated July 1942 by Sgt J A Critchley showing lines of evacuation (TNA:WO 222/383 DDMS Malta).

30 Apr 1940 Lt J C Lees RAMC was posted to ADS St Pauls at Villino Chapelle vice Surgeon Captain S F Mattei who was on the sick list. On 1 May 1940, Lt John Ross Gallie RAMC temporarily took medical charge of ADS Mgarr.

11 May 1940 Lt John Ross Gallie handed back the medical charge of ADS Mgarr to Lt J C Lees RAMC.

27 May 1940 Took over Medical Inspection Room Tigné from Surgeon Lieutenant J Sammut RMA. Medical officers were instructed to sleep in the MI Rooms.

11 June 1940 A service car and ambulance with two Malta Auxiliary Corps (MAC) soldiers reported for duty at MI Room Tigné. There were no casualties during air raids in June in the Tigné area.

July 1940 Lt John Ross Gallie carried out routine medical attendance on troops and families in the Tigné area. On 22 July, chickenpox broke out among the families.
On 25 July, two windows were shattered by bomb blast in the Tigné M I Room.

Aug 1940 Officer in medical charge of troops Tigné. There were no war casualties during August 1940 at Tigné. The epidemic of chicken pox and mumps had abated and the school was expected to reopen in the first week of September.
Carried out the sanitary inspection of the Tigné Area.

Sep 1940 Reported cases of whooping cough among the families in his area.

4 Dec 1940 On Wednesday 4 December, Lt John Ross Gallie handed over the Medical Aid Post (MAP) Tigné to Lt Henry James Dismorr RAMC.

4 Dec 1940 On Wednesday 4 December, Lt John Ross Gallie handed over the Medical Aid Post (MAP) Tigné to Lt Henry James Dismorr RAMC.
Upper Respiratory tract infections were common among the troops and families. Three cases of chicken pox also occurred among the families. There had been no war casualties in the Tigné area in December.

6 Dec 1940 Appointed medical officer in charge ADS St Andrews and took over from Captain G F Edwards. On 16 December 1940, the first of a weeks course in First Aid and Stretcher drill were commenced at ADS St Andrews for infantry units.

Feb 1941 Officer-in-charge Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) St Andrews and medical administration Pembroke Area. ADS St Andrews was also the training centre for courses in First Aid and Stretcher Drill. During February, courses were organised by Major Murray Wood, Lieutenant Raynes D M, and Surgeon Lieutenant Tabone Vincenzo RMA.

3 Feb 1941 Granted 1 week leave. In his absence Lt Raynes D M took medical charge of ADS St Andrews.

5 Feb 1941 Lt John Ross Gallie, aged 27 years, of Hamilton Scotland, stationed at St Andrews Barracks, son of James Fraser Gallie, married at Sliema Nursing Sister Edythe Madeline Eustace QAIMNS, aged 26 years, of Burford Oxfordshire, daughter of Albert Henry Eustace, resident at the Military Hospital Mtarfa.

23 Mar 1942 Posted from 15th Field Ambulance to No 45 General Hospital St Patricks.

24 Aug 1942 Posted to Surgical Division No 45 General Hospital St Patricks.

21 Aug 1943 Attached for temporary duty at Command Convalescent Depôt Ghajn Tuffieha Camp.

20 Sep 1943 On temporary duty at Command Convalescent Depôt Ghajn Tuffieha Camp.

4 Feb 1944 Embarked for England as medical officer in charge of patients on a hospital ship.