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A L Galea
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Lieutenant A L Galea


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Lieutenant A L Galea was commissioned in February 1944 in the Army Medical Corps (Malta Territorial Force). In October 1944, the closing down of the Maltese Emergency Medical Services, which had been set up in 1940 to provide medical aid to civilian war casualties, released a number of Maltese doctors for duty else where. In 1944, the Army Medical Corps (Malta Territorial Force) was introduced by Government Statute. His Excellency the Governor granted commissions in the force. The RAMC took the opportunity to obtain local medical officers, instead of the previous method of obtaining commissions as Emergency Commissions of Surgeon Lieutenant of the Royal Malta Artillery. On 2 February 1944, Dr A L Galea was interviewed by the DDMS for a commission in the Army Medical Corps (Malta Territorial Force).

On 21 March 1944, the Deputy Director of Medical Services (DDMS) Malta Command wrote to the Director Army Medical Services (DAMS) about recruiting Maltese Medical Practitioners for emergency commissions in the RAMC and AMC (MTF). On 22 June 1944, the DAMS notified the DDMS that the two Maltese Doctors who had volunteered for service overseas with NAL patients in Italy have been given a commission as from 27 July 1944 in the AMC (MTF). The doctors in question have accepted this commission although in the first place they agree to accept an Emergency Commission (EC) as Lieutenants in the RAMC. They will sign a certificate stating their willingness for service overseas and have been told that they may, if they wish, apply for a transfer to the RAMC as EC Lieutenants for this special duty.

It is possible that the two Maltese doctors, who were not mentioned by name in the correspondence, were No 309496 Captain Francis Zammit and No 309497 Captain Francis Talbot Pullicino. In July 1945, Captains F T Pullicino and F Zammit, holding Governor's commissions in the AMC (MTF), were granted Emergency Commissions in the rank of Lieutenant with seniority from 3 January 1944. In the same month, War Substantive Captains F Zammit and F T Pullicino, had their Emergency Commissions converted into a Short Service Commissions in the rank of Lieutenant RAMC and promoted to the rank of captains.

Service Record

2 Feb 1944 Interviewed by the DDMS as a potential candidate for a commission in the Army Medical Corps (Malta Territorial Force).

25 Feb Granted an Emergency Commissions Lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps (Malta Territorial Force).

28 Apr Posted from No 30 Coy RAMC to 90 General Hospital.

11 Sep 1944 Attached to No 30 Coy RAMC from 90 General Hospital.

25 Feb 1945 War Service Captain AMC (MTF).