RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
M Fallon
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133536 WS/Captain A/Lieutenant Colonel M Fallon


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Service Record

26 July to 31 Dec 1932 Seconded to Huddersfield Infirmary as House Surgeon. Resigned his commission on termination of his secondment.

29 June 1943 Arrived at Malta as officer-in-charge Surgical Division 45 GH St Patricks.

26 July 1943 Posted to 39 GH Mellieha from 45 GH. Took charge of the Surgical Division vice Lt Col C F Mayne who was posted to 90 GH as officer-in-charge Surgical Division. The vacancy in the Surgical Division at 45 GH St Patricks was filled by Lt Col McMerewether H O who moved from 90 GH.

13 Oct 1943 Admitted to 90 GH. Returned to 39 GH on 30 Oct and resumes his duties as officer-in-charge Surgical Division.

8 Apr 1944 39 GH embarked for Naples and on to New Deckmont Camp Cambuslang Near Glasgow where it arrived on 23 April 1944. On 26 April 1944, Lt Col M Fallon proceeded on leave to Ireland.