RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Percy Evans
1868 – 1945

Captain Percy Evans

CMG (1915), MB (Durh 1893), DPH (Durh 1896)

16 Nov 1868 [Richmond Surrey] – 6 Nov 1945 [Fleet Hants]

Service Record

P Evans
Capt P Evans seated front row centre South Africa. (RAMC/1953 Photo of J T Chapman RAMC)

28 July 1894 Commissioned Surgeon-Lieutenant.

28 July 1897 Promoted Surgeon-Captain.

Malta Apr 1898 Arrived from the Punjab through exchange with Surgeon-Captain Arthur R. Aldridge.

Malta 1899 On garrison duty.

Malta Jan 1900 Left for Portsmouth England.

1900–1902 Served in South Africa. He took part in the operations in the Orange Free State and Transvaal, including actions at Zilikats Nek, and in the Cape Colony.

Malta May 1905 Embarked from England.

29 Jan 1906 Major RAMC.

30 Dec 1910 At Lincoln House, Richmond, Surrey, birth of a daughter.

Aug 1914–1917 Served in France in the Great War. He was ADMS in France.

1 Mar 1915 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

6 Dec 1915 Temp Colonel whilst Assistant Director Medical Services of a Division.

16 Feb 1915 Mentioned in Despatches in connection with the organisation for the first time in war of Motor Ambulance Convoys.

The Army Service Corps Motor Ambulance Convoy Companies provided road transport for carrying casualties. They were an important part of the casualty evacuation chain. The first Motor Ambulance Convoy companies were formed in March 1915.

26 Dec 1917 Promoted Colonel.

Mar–Aug 1918 Served in Egypt.

Aug 1918–Aug 1919 Served in Mesopotamia as DDMS.

26 Dec 1923 Retired.