RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry James Dismorr
? –1998

116929 WS Captain Henry James Dismorr


? – ? 1998

Service Record

July 1938 Passed the examination in surgery for the Diploma of the Society of Apothecaries London.

14 Jan 1940 Granted a Land Forces Emergency Commission as a Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Jan 1940 Medical officer in charge Aid Post Tigné.

18 Apr 1940 Posted for duties at Medical Inspection Room St Andrews. Held daily sick parades at 08:00 hours at the MIR St George's Barracks and at MIR Paceville at 08:30 hours. Was responsible for the sanitation at St George's Barracks, Spinola Battery and Forts Madliena and Gharghur.

17 May 1940 Posted from St George's to ADS Tarxien. Surgeon Lieut J Sammut RMA handed over the medical charge of Marsa AA position to Lt H J Dismorr RAMC. Medical officers were instructed to sleep in the MI Rooms. On 17 May took medical charge of 2nd/Royal West Kent Regiment which had moved in to guard aerodrome.

17 May Attached to Aid Post St Andrews. Posted from St George's Barracks to ADS Tarxien. Took over medical charge and sanitary supervision of AA Gun Post San Giacomo, AA Gun Post Marsa, Infantry detachment Marsa, and Infantry detachment luqa Aerodrome. Medical charge of AA Gun Post San Giacomo and Marsa were handed over to officer in charge ADS Tarxien by Surgeon Lieutenant G Bonello RMA and Surgeon Lieutenant J Sammut RMA on 17 May 1940. On 16 May 1940 2ns/RWK moved to guard aerodrome and on 17 May Lt Dismorr reported fro duty at ADS Tarxien took over the medical charge of these troops

Nov 1940 In November, No 27 AA Bty 7 HAA Regt RA moved to its war positions and the Barrack Blocks were taken over by 222 HAA Bty 10th AA Regt RA. The troops complained of the common cold and bronchitis. Chicken pox broke out among the families at St Julians.

3 Dec 1940 Lt Dismoor moved from ADS Tarxien to Tigné.

4 Dec On Wednesday 4 December, Lt John Ross Gallie RAMC handed over Medical Aid Post (MAP) Tigné to Lt H J Dismorr RAMC.
Upper Respiratory tract infections were common among the troops and families. Three cases of chicken pox also occurred among the families. There had been no war casualties in the Tigné area in December.

Malta 14 Jan 1941 Officer in charge Medical Aid Post (MAP) Tigné.
No casualties were reported among the troops and families in the area during the month.

Jan 1941 Lt H J Dismorr and his orderlies inoculated 300 troops in the Tigné area against Typhoid and Paratyphoid A and B (TAB) and Tetanus as follows:

29 Mar Bombs fell in the Tigné Area causing minor damage to the ambulance bus attached to the MAP.
No 1587932 Gnr H A Savage 222 Hvy AA Bty (TA) 10th Heavy AA Regt RA was wounded in his right foot. He received medical aid and was transferred to Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) St Andrews the following day.

31 May 1941 A mine fell on Tigné Barracks but failed to explode. The staff of the MAP were evacuated from the barracks until the mine was defused.

June 1941 Promoted War Substantive (WS) Captain RAMC.

27 June 1941 27th Bty 7th HAA Regt RA at Tal Qroqq was hit by enemy action and sustained the following casualties which were attended by Captain H J Dismorr:

30 Nov 1941 Repatriated to England. Struck off the strength of 15th Fld Ambulance.

6 Oct 1942 War Substantive Captain Henry James Dismorr was placed on the half–pay list from 6 October 1942 to 22 October 1942 included.