RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Gilbert Stewart Crawford

Major Gilbert Stewart Crawford

CMG (1915), MD (Malta), DPH (Edin 1892), DTM (Liverp 1908)

14 May 1868 – 2 Nov 1953 [Exmouth Devon]

Service Record

earthquake party
A party of 4 RAMC doctors and 2 QAIMNS sisters, under Major G S Crawford landed at Catona from HMS Duncan on New Year's Day 1909, four days after the earthquake struck Calabria.

30 Jan 1892 Surgeon-Lieutenant.

30 Jan 1895 Surgeon-Captain.

1897–1898 Served in North West Frontier of British India.

1900–1902 Served in South Africa.

30 Jan 1904 Major RAMC.

Feb 1906 Arrived at Malta.

July 1906 Officer in charge Mtarfa Military Hospital. Introduced measures at Mtarfa to lower the mortality from infantile enteritis.

Jan 1907 Officer in charge Mtarfa Military Hospital.

Sep 1907 Appointed Sanitary Officer vice Maj Gray William Lewis who exchanged with Lt Col Daly James Henry.

1908 Sanitary Officer Valletta.

June 1908 Returned to England on leave.

28 Dec 1908 In charge of a medical party sent to Sicily following the earthquake at Catona on 28 Dec 1908.

1909 Sanitary Officer Valletta.

29 Oct 1909 Appointed Commander of the Crown of Italy for his services at Calabria during the earthquake at Catona. This was bestowed upon him by the Governor and Commander in Chief at the Palace Valletta.

1910 Sanitary Officer Valletta.

1911 Sanitary Officer Valletta.

Mar 1911 Left Malta.

8 Aug 1914 Lieutenant Colonel RAMC.

1914 Served in the Great War.
Commanded a Stationary Hospital during the Gallipoli operations.

2 Nov 1953 Died at his residence at 54 Victoria Road Exmouth Devon, aged 85 years.