RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Lionel Maurice Clayden
1914 –1962

111985 Lieutenant Lionel Maurice Clayden


1914 [Bow East London] — 24 Nov 1962

Lieutenant Lionel Maurice Clayden volunteered for the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1939, serving until 1945, mostly in Malta, where he achieved the rank of acting major during the siege; on his return to Britain he weighed only seven stone.

He developed a sub-career in dermatology at St John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. Army venereal disease parades had kindled in him an interest in skin diseases, at a time when the two specialties were linked.1

Service Record

Map of Medical Units dated July 1942 by Sgt J A Critchley showing lines of evacuation (TNA:WO 222/383 DDMS Malta).

18 Apr 1940 Posted from General Hospital Mtarfa to Malta East Sector, for temporary duties at Medical Inspection Room St Andrews. Held daily sick parades at 08:30 hours at the Aid Post St Andrews and at the Roadhouse at 09:00 hours. At 11:00 held families sick parade at MIR Paceville. Was responsible for the sanitation of St Andrew's Barracks, Aid Post St Andrews, Beach Posts of A and D Coys 2nd/Royal Irish Fusiliers.

4 Aug 1940 Took over the duties of officer in charge RAP Roadhouse. Carried out weekly inspections of the beach posts and Forts Madliena and Spinola.

13 Oct 1940 Rejoined Mtarfa General Hospital.

July 1941 temporarily in charge of No 30 Coy RAMC at Mtarfa.

17 Nov 1941 Attached to 15th Field Ambulance.

7 Apr 1942 Regimental Medical Officer 1st/Hampshire Regiment.

19 July 1942 Reattached to 15th Fld Amb from 1st/Hampshire Regiment.

1 Jan 1943 Transferred from 15th Fld Amb to the "Z List" (sick list).

11 Jan 1943 Embarked by sea to England as a "Class B" invalid.

General Practitioner Highgate 1945-90. Died of a cerebrovascular accident complicating myasthenia gravis.