RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Buckley J C
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72405 Major Buckley J C


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Service Record

Map of Medical Units dated July 1942 by Sgt J A Critchley showing lines of evacuation (TNA:WO 222/383 DDMS Malta).

1 June 1940 Visited and inspected ADS Mgarr.

26 Aug 1940 Major John C Buckley took over the medical charge of ADS Mgarr during the absence on leave of Lt A A Murray RAMC.

29 Aug 1940 Lt A A Murray RAMC resumed his duties at ADS Mgarr and Major John C Buckley returned to Mtarfa.

10 Sep 1940 Posted as Officer-in-charge ADS Mgarr vice Lt A A Murray who rejoined General Hospital Mtarfa.

10 Sep 1940 Lt A A Murray RAMC handed over command of ADS Mgarr to Major Buckley J C and rejoined General Hospital Mtarfa.

8 Oct 1940 Rejoined General Hospital Mtarfa and resumed his appointment as Company Officer and Assistant Training Officer No 30 Coy RAMC.

8 Oct 1940 Captain O'Donnell took over the medical charge of ADS Mgarr from Major John C Buckley who returned to Mtarfa Hospital.

25 Nov 1940 With the DDMS visited Buarrat to view new premises at grid 383307 which was to be taken over as a ADS. Wardija.

18 Fev 1942 Major Buckley was appointed co-ordinating anaesthetist.