RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Ernest Brodribb
1872 –1934

Major Ernest Brodribb


13 Dec 1872 [Warminster] – 10 Nov 1934

Ernest Brodribb was the son of Richard Sherring Brodribb and Frances Isabella Hayes. He had three bothers, of whom, Arthur MRCS LRCP (born 1871), and Charles Peldred MB BS (born 1874) were also doctors.

Service Record

28 July 1897 Surgeon–Lieutenant.

28 July 1900 Captain.

20 Jan 1903 Reduced to half-pay.

21 Sept 1903 Returned to full-pay and posted to Aldershot.

Sep 1908 Appointed Surgeon at the School of musketry, Hythe, vice Lieutenant Colonel William. Mawer James who moved on to retired pay.

28 Apr 1909 Promoted Major.

3 May 1913 Arrived from Dover, England on exchange with Major Thurston Hugh Stanley.
Relieved Maj Thurston as Officer-in-Charge Military Hospital Valletta.

Feb 1914 Officer-in-charge Troops Scutari.
Specialist in ophthalmology.

Feb 1914 Left Malta for Scutari.

1 Mar 1915 Lieutenant Colonel.

18 Dec 1915 Retired due to ill health.