RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Babington Marcus Hill
1875 –1968

Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Hill Babington

DSO (1917) LRFP LRFS (Glas 1898) LRCP LRCS (Ed) DPH (Camb 1924)

25 Sep 1875 [Derry Ireland] – 12 Dec 1968

Service Record

17 Nov 1899 Appointed Lieutenant. After only 13 days in England he was posted to South Africa. Appointed Officer-in-charge of the Pire Town Bridge Hospital, Natal, and while in this capacity was the subject of a letter written by Reverend Swartzbury to the Principal Medical Officer, South Africa, in which Lieutenant Babington was brought to the notice of the Principal Medical Officer for his devotion to duty during the engagement at Blood River.

1901 Recommended for the Victoria Cross, for his devotion to duty at the Battle of the Blood River Poort, on 17 September 1901.

Oct 1902 Left South Africa.

17 Nov 1902 Promoted Captain.

1902 – 1905 Served in India.

1905 Returned to England to take his promotion examination. Qualified as a specialist in bacteriology.

24 Sep 1908 Arrived from England.

3 Oct 1909 Home leave.

7 Dec 1909 Returned from leave. On duty at Valletta as clinical pathologist.

Nov 1909 Returned to England on leave.

1910 On duty at Valletta Hospital.

Sep 1910 At Cottonera. Specialist in Bacteriology and Clinical Pathology.

5 Jan 1911 Home leave.

14 Mar 1911 Returned from leave on P&O Steam Ship Sardinia.

May – Apr 1911 Assumed devolved command of the Military Hospital Cottonera during the absence on leave of Lt Col Russell Alexander Fraser.

17 May 1911 Promoted Major. Clinical Pathologist.

20 Apr 1912 Home leave.

8 Aug 1912 Returned from leave.

Clinical Pathologist Cottonera and Company Officer 30 Coy RAMC.

1913 Clinical Pathologist.

Apr 1913 At Cottonera.

7 June 1913 Officer in medical charge of troops Scutari.
Embarked on HMS The Black Prince for special duties at Scutari. Was appointed a member of the sanitary commission in Scutari, and his outstanding work there was brought to the attention of Colonel F. C. Phillips, who was commanding the International Troops.

Jan 1914 Appointed Clinical Pathologist at the Queen Alexandra Military Hospital Millbank London.

1914 – 1915 Served with the British Expeditionary Force France.

19 Oct 1914 Mentioned in despatches of Sir John French.

15 Dec 1914 Arrived in England for duty.

1 Mar 1915 Lieutenant Colonel.

1915 – 1919 Commanding Officer 2 General Hospital.
Starts to be mentioned in the War Diary of the Matron-in-Chief, BEF, France and Flanders from 11 July 1915.

1 Jan 1917 London Gazette: Appointed a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order for his service at the Battle of the Somme (July 1916).

1919 – 1923 Served in India.

15 May 1926 Embarked for Malta.

May 1926 – June 1928 Assistant Director of Medical Services Malta.
Medical Examiner to students at the University Valletta.

26 June 1926 Promoted Colonel.

8 July 1927 Home leave.

4 Sep 1927 Returned from leave.

5 June 1928 Joined the Army of the Rhine. Exchanged with Colonel Charles Chevin Cumming who returned to England from the Rhine.

6 June 1928 Deputy Director of Medical Services British Army of the Rhine.

30 June 1930 Retired.