RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Reginald Francis Edmund
1866 –?

Major Reginald Francis Edmund Austin


23 Aug 1866 [Bellary East Indies] – ?

Service Record

27 July 1892 Surgeon-Lieutenant.

27 July 1895 Surgeon-Captain.

1897–1898 Served in the North West Frontier British India.

1901–1902 Served in South Africa.

27 July 1904 Major RAMC.

Oct 1904 Arrived from Portland.
Officer in charge Station Hospital Mtarfa.

June 1905 Officer in charge Military Hospital Mtarfa.

July–Dec 1905 On duty at the Military Hospital Valletta. In the summer of 1905 he gave a course of lectures on Personal and External Hygiene to the officers of the Malta Garrison.

Dec 1905 On Home leave.

1906 No longer listed as being in Malta.

1909 At Chatham.

27 July 1912 Retired.

1 July 1915 Recalled to Active List from Reserve of Officers.

9 June 1928 Summoned before the Disciplinary Committee of the General Medical Council on the charge:

That, being a registered medical practitioner, you bought to attract to yourself patients and to promote your own professional advantage by means of an article upon appendicitis written by you and published in the number for December, 1927, of the magazine Health and Efficiency, in which you extolled your own methods and depreciated those of other practitioners. And that in relation to the facts so alleged you have been guilty of infamous conduct in a professional respect.