RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Forbes Alexander
1860 –1951

Major George Forbes Alexander

MB CM (Ed 1883)

19 Apr 1860 [Banft] – 20 Feb 1951

Service Record

27 July 1887 Surgeon Army Medical Staff.

1895 Served with the Chitral Relief Force North West Frontier British India. The small British Garrison was besieged at Chitral Fort from 3 March 1895, until it was relieved on 19 April 1895. He received the India Medal with clasp.

1898 Served on the Nile Expedition Sudan.

27 July 1899 Major RAMC.

Jan 1900 Arrived from Crete.

14 Sep 1900 Accompanied the invalids to England.

27 Sep 1900 Returned from England.

20 Dec 1900 His confidential report states: A most excellent officer, very zealous and dependable, and will take any amount of trouble; reasoning powers above the average.

9 May 1901 On sick leave in Switzerland until 9 Nov 1901.

Jan 1902 Left for Aldershot.

27 July 1907 Retired.

1912 Elected member of the Ophthalmological Society of Great Britain.

5 Aug 1914 Re-employed during the Great War.

1914–1932 Ophthalmic surgeon at Scarborough hospital.

1932 Retired to the Isle of Man where he died aged 90 years.